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The shape and size of the pintail longboard are ideal for learning to carve and cruising around. Rest assured that you still e… Mainly, you will be pushing and foot braking over rough and smooth pavement. At first, make sure that you have spacers between the wheels as it provides greater control, enhanced grip and durability. Like the Atom, Yocaher drop-down longboard features a wide deck sitting lower than the trucks for a lower center gravity. Fully laminated maple wood deck. Besides, the bearings are also another weak link even with ABEC-9. Almost all the longboard come with reverse kingpin trucks referring to the placement of axle on the other side of kingpin. Next, you have to consider the width, length, flex, shape and style of the board. Although they are stated to come loose but  you will find them working great for tricks and turns. This is mainly a low profile longboard but it has 11 ABEC bearing and they are of high speed. I like the Bamboo Quest Bamboo super cruiser. However, people found some dents and scratches that made them griped about it. Although, the brand has used 9-ply maple for its construction but people raised questions on its durability. The Yocaher professional speed drop down stained complete Longboard is an unique board with versatile features. Plus, their 78A hardness rating seems satiating enough for serving the same purpose for newbies. Plus, you will also find a little concave on the middle so that it can secure your feet to the longboard to let you enjoy turns and twists. The Drop Deck is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most stable longboards that you’ll ever ride. The lower centre of gravity provides even more stability making this another great option for beginners. G-Land owns Charger trucks coming in 10-inch measurement. Although, you might expect them to be durable enough to perform smoothly for longer period, yet people faced disappointment. It needs passion, patience and practice to be a skillful longboarder. Besides, they come in 7-inch and weigh light as well. Though it is a cheap longboard, it will be able to satisfy you and present you a great longboard riding feeling. From a short 36 inches (good for freestyle) to a longer 41 inches long, Atom’s drop-through longboards are superior multitaskers. The longboard is perfect for both commuter and free style riding. This is a great choice for those who are heavier than general weight people. Is your mind cruising around to present yourself a board? However, their board has been made up with 7-ply maple material that has been a smart pick for its construction. And since it has been made up of 8-ply hard-rock maple with epoxy glue for its construction, you will find it very durable to perform for longer term. This is a lot like snowboarding or skiing. Having designed in LA, the Retrospec has given a retro California touch to the look of the deck. It's incredibly responsive to subtle shifts in weight distribution, which makes … Bigger wheels roll faster than the smaller ones. If you want to ride downhill at a standard speed, free riding is your style. The length is perfect for surfing around, yet some of you newbies might find it heavy to carry for weighing about 8 pounds. However, their 75A duro-meter will be quite soft so you can enjoy smoother ride with such hardness range. VOLADOR freeride offers all the zest of longboarding with their drop-through shaped deck. Start your longboarding as soon as possible, you will see a new adventurous way of living which you never felt before. The wheels come 70mm in size. Although, the brand has not given any information regarding their hardness rating, but you will find the wheels pretty hard. Apart from … A longboard is usually easier to maneuver and more stable than a cruiser. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Atom longboards are commonly called all-in-one longboards. It’s drop-down feature gives low centre of gravity which makes the board stable, durable and comfortable. The drop through deck gives it super stability. The reasons are high performance, reliability, and build quality. Trucks are able to offer great turns and twists once you try them out. You will get quality wheels and trucks  and if you want to buy a much better one price can go up to 150 dollars. These are 5 of the best and most popular drop-down longboards out there (Amazon links): Atom Drop Deck 41″ Globe Bannerstone 41″ Landyachtz Switch 40″ Santa Cruz 36″ Let’s deep dive into these 4 best drop-down longboards. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard 36". The 44-inch long G-Land deck comes in 5-ply vertically laminated bamboo with a clear grip tape. Moreover, their 78A duro-meter also provides smoother ride with great stability and control. Not just that, they also happen to be adjustable as 45 or 50 degree so that they can offer the kind of maneuverability you want. Hence you will need some serious skills to avoid deadly accidents. The longer the wheelbase and the bigger the deck, the more speed you can increase and the more stable will be the board. With 70mm wheels, you can expect them to roll smoothly on rough terrains. The brand has used 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy for the construction of trucks that seems durable. You will have 7-inch trucks that have been made up of aluminum to make them durable and solid. The deck is medium concave where you will have camber mold kick tail style which makes it the best longboard for beginners. Albeit performance-wise they manage to do great, but quality-wise they fail a little. If you want to learn, do some tricks, the board is ready to perform it in your way. The wheels are excellent in short. You will also find bushings on the trucks that refer to rubbery black rings which are placed around the kingpin on the trucks. The Sector 9 aperture sidewinder drop through downhill longboard is an all-rounder in its group. The longboard comes with Paris style trucks with baseplate 50 degree angle so that they can let you enjoy any kind of twists and turns. Longrunboard is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to And the unit comes in completely assembled so you are able to use it just after buying. Here I have got a list of good skateboards. This board gives you a classic cruising experience at an affordable price. But you can upgrade them for better changes. As like that model, the longboard is 42 inches by 9.5 inches so you have a bigger deck which helps for better control while riding. Your main point is to shift your weight to and from. If you are searching for the best longboard for beginners cruising, you can consider this freeride complete cruiser. The deck is made up with maple wood ply. The different color of the board gives you an opportunity to choose the right one according to your personality. Although, it is safe to use the board with bearings in between ABEC 3 and ABEC 5. With a drop-through longboard, you can learn all the basics of riding. You will have 65mm Urethane wheels with the longboard that feel very durable to have. Above all, the lower the drop, the less energy it will take for breaking or pushing. Albeit it is a little costlier than the previous category, but it is great at offering durability. You need to do your research before buying your first longboard. Other features of Atom Lowrider Longboard, include: But after the upgrade, you will find them performing awesome. The yocaher is delivering innovative highly sustainable longboards since 1997. The size of the board(41.7x10.6 inches) is perfectly suitable for good and safe longboarding. This VOLADOR Longboard is the best choice, especially for beginners. Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard In such an overcrowded market, picking up the right longboard is a bit tricky. This all rounder longboard is a great choice for downhilling because of its ease of pushing. The dimension of the longboard is 40x9.75x30.5 inches (LxWxH). Multi ply hardwood maple and artisan bamboo deck ensures great quality and good flexibility. Their bushings are also the weak link which need replacement. However, affordability, Stability makes the atom drop-through longboard is the best choice for longboarding. As like our previous chosen mode, this one has almost the same specification. Some drop-down longboards are also drop through's and as such sometimes called double drops. Are you dreaming to climb down the hills while you get your first longboard in hand? I can make the easy choice. They have a huge range of products and have even developed a few electric longboards that are good enough to have made it onto our list of the 10 Best Electric Skateboards under $1000.So for our first recommendation we thought we’d go with a longboard brand … Most of all, it has a great number of satisfied customers worldwide. Please note that this is an advanced level of longboardin. You will find both the sizes perfect for beginners. The one main advantage of a cruiser over a longboard is the ability to hold it from one area to another with ease. And to complement that feature, you will also get to enjoy faster spins with their ABEC-9 bearings that make it the best longboard for beginners. This shape helps to avoid wheel bite; Super high rebound polyurethane wheel gives buttery smooth riding experience; ABEC 9 bearing gives the board steadiness; Measures 41.7” long, 10.6” wide and 4” height; 80S grip tape helps you to keep your foot on the board by giving proper friction; Reverse kingpin with 245 mm axle gives the user a great maneuverability and great stability; Perfect for downhill carving and cruising; Drop-through, reverse kingpin, SHR wheel, 80s grip tape gives the board super stability; Suitable for any surface and very much user friendly; One year manufacturer warranty gives you peace of mind; Tight bushing;can be loosen as per your requirement; Harsh squeaking sound during turning. Wants to know more about Retrospec longboard! For most average-size riders (5ft 5 inches to 6ft), a longboard is simpler to ride than a Penny notably if you've never stepped on a skateboard, longboard, or Penny Board previously. But they will offer slower spins. We’re still focusing on the design, as not only does it prevent wheel rub, it’s made to let you do some crazy carving thanks to it’s incredibly tight turning circle and maneuverability. To give a cherry on top, this board does not only offer flexibility but also shines well in shock-absorption. Do you want to enjoy your ride? Atom has used aluminum for the construction of truck where you will find it 8.5-inch in size. Besides, it is stated to be a 39-inch long and 10-inch wide deck which is also great for newbies. Nowadays longboarding is a thrilling passion to the younger generation. Although, some people found a bit of scratches due to shipment, but that can be forgiven. The board is loved by not only the professionals, but also the beginners can try it for it’s large safety range design. Let us know if you liked the post. So, let the adventure begin…. The material does not only make the board durable but also provides solid performance. The more the number of bearings are going to be, the faster they are going to spin. What are the different kinds of longboards available? I have decided to learn skateboarding now, at the age of 30. You have to practice rolling back and forth with the ankles without making the deck slip to the slides. You should use wider wheels in a board since they will be softer and will let you enjoy great control and smooth rise. Softer wheels come with more control so that you can enjoy smoother ride. The design features all of the qualities that are favored by beginners looking to enjoy their hobby while perfecting their skill. They have been constructed with steel so that you can find them harder and quieter when they are on the roll. At the beginning just put on the safety gears for added safety. Add Your Heading Text Here G-Land owns Charger trucks coming in 10-inch measurement. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Also you should keep in mind that safety is a major issue during longboarding. All the boards are designed with great safety for the beginners. DWR DROP Down Longboard Brake(A Premium NBR Rubber Pad Brake). Not just that, you will also dislike the bushings for being softer. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard. They mostly come loose so that you can enjoy twists and turns but you can adjust them as well as the kingpin according to your preference.

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