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After hitting the almost unimaginable $1 trillion market cap in 2018, Apple romped past the $2 trillion mark less than a year later, exceeding the market cap of the entire Russell 2000.ref 17 It was jacked by $400 billion in ten trading days.ref 18 Apple’s p/e ratio doubled since the start of 2019 (16 to 32), attaining its highest valuation in history.ref 19 Over the preceding five years earnings had increased 16% total—2.9% per annum—on revenue growth of <25% total (<4% per annum). The market doesn’t care about valuations. Mit unserem Immobilienmarktplatz, das Immobilienportal von, dem reichweitenstärkstem Nachrichten- und Informationsportal in der fränkischen Region, steht Ihnen für Ihre Suche nach einer Immobilie in Franken ein starker Partner zur Seite. Read our full review here. The Collum Foundation wanted free internet. He is right that the market is high, but he did not catch this amazing run…The stock split bashing is unfair and keeps regular people out of the market. Earnings for a reconstructed inflation-adjusted S&P from 1870 to the present using Shiller’s numbers show a 15-fold gain (about 2.0% annualized). Literally the easiest game I’ve ever played. We would never have state-sponsored markets, would we? We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Apple was busily buying back its stock. The people who get wiped out are the people who own the unsecured debt and the equity…but the employees don’t get wiped out and the pensions don’t get wiped out….And if a bunch of hedge funds get wiped out, what’s the big deal? Despite the somewhat different optics on the Covid-19 bailout, the pattern continued unbroken. Read our full review. Goldman became overtly bullish silver citing solar panels as their motivation.ref 19 Beware: this is an old and possibly lame argument. Decades later, you can watch anything you want on Netflix, but you can still only watch one show at a time. Tesla versus the legendary South Seas Company. Fire brought us out of the caves. The bad optics caused some to give the money back. A convenient carrying handle makes it easy to take into the kitchen, the living room, and back to your office. Goldman said the options activity was without precedent. Figure 7. Let’s not blow it. SHOULD I TYPE LIKE THIS? ~ Mr. Dozens of publicly traded companies with plenty of capital and credit got loans because, well, why not? He suggested I was full of shit (paraphrased) by noting a 15% growth in GDP during the war and that the war-time hardship stories are overstated. Back then, before competitors arrived, we gave the first model – a most novel invention at the time – a 5-star review. 2020 has already set IPO records that exceed those of the tech bubble. This gives them a tad more inherent stability and means they save space. Eric Cinnamond is a small-cap guru and sees opportunities in small caps.ref 19 Eric will get some money outta me at some point. They may skedaddle out the keyhole just in time, but somebody must own those assets all the way to the next secular bottom. Read the full review. Price of gold (yellow) relative to Dow (blue), Figure 7. It denounces as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. (We all know how hard it is to buy a fowl or a tankard of ale with a gold guilder.) They are either too young, which means they should be reading the Harry Potter series written by that transgender-bashing cis white billionaire, or probably have long since rounded the bases and are getting kinky with their boyfriends in ways that would curdle your blood. I am also not stupid; I sure wish I had caught that ramp. They’ve been Zoomed. It is the Fed’s Leave-No-Retail-Alive (LNRA) program. Admittedly, the government-mandated shutdowns added complexity to the moral hazard of this carefully orchestrated mess, but that only provides cover for the aggressive response to paper over criminal incompetence. The Buffett Indicator…now yields a forecast of an average annual loss of nearly 8%, including dividends, over the coming decade. Interesting factoid: possible kitchen applications of microwaves were discovered when some guy melted the chocolate bar in his pocket while whipping up a couple of Rocky Mountain oysters in his shorts. Figure 2. I have become increasingly aware that we are all looking through our own lens with an emerging plotline that is self-consistent with our own unique narrative. I own traces of a few close-ended Russian mutual funds (Browder-Biden-Clinton Roosky Value Fund), but cheap stocks in countries with poorly developed capitalism are a fool’s errand. According to a recent (September) tally, 170,000 healthcare workers had Covid-19, which means we have 170,000 who are now well-positioned to return to the front lines. There were restrictions on executive bonuses and buybacks, but nobody is watching. Chan School of Public Health. You may now have surmised that the seminar about cell walls had a non-trivial basal behavior without the additive—a large intercept—that left me underwhelmed. The pandemic that started its journey in Wuhan, China at some hotly debated date in December (or earlier) began circumnavigating the globe…but the markets kept going up. $349 - $449 - $649 - $949 + S&H Sounds like the refrigerator light paradox or beanie babies retaining value with the original tag. (I can recite the whole Greek alphabet and watched Animal House 27 times.) Meanwhile, the capital keeps propagating like gerbils as if some asset mangling central bankers sequestered in the bowels of the system are printing the damned stuff without brrrreaks. One small rise for HealthPostures, one giant leap in riser design. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act were named accordingly. Nixon took us off the last vestiges of the gold standard. Refrigerators, even as subsidiary inventions, were transformational for both shipping and storage. David Stockman notes the market’s “price-to-earnings ratio ranges between 52.1 times the earnings CEOs and CFOs certify on penalty of jail time ($65 per share) or 27 times the Wall Street brush-stroked and curated version ($125 per share), from which all asset write-offs, restructuring charges, and other one-timers/mistakes have been finessed out.”. Healthcare. If you overuse one of the factors of production, such as debt capital, initially GDP will rise. Data scraping is cool but it seems like just smarter advertising to me. On February 18th, I did a 21-Tweet salute to the idiocracy. ~ Rolls Royce spokesperson on self-driving cars, Gamma Squeeze. Tesla. There were, of course, specific and highly publicized payouts directly to the unemployed workers. It is an act of both economic insanity and ethical corruption to provide a financial safety net to its most reckless speculators. The backstops will, once again, make their creditors whole. While the discovery of the New World ultimately led to some serious wealth creation, the gold shipped to Spain by the conquistadors created nothing more than inflation, with the Spanish enjoying the perks of the Cantillon Effect—the benefit of being first in line before inflation appears in earnest. Traders warn not to trade off valuations as a timing vehicle. For more details, read our full review. (That’s when the porn showed up bigly.) This nouveau Jim Jones was picking some of the most hopelessly insolvent companies and morphing them into ten baggers. Tesla imitates SpaceX (650% gain ytd). It features the same smooth gas-strut lift mechanism with infinite height adjustment, as well as a tilting keyboard tray, so finding your optimal ergonomic position is a breeze. The most contentious election in US history pitted the undeniably polarizing and irascible Donald Trump against the DNC A-Team including a 76-year-old showing early signs of dementia paired with a sassy neo-Marxist grifter with an undetectable moral compass. Cold Water on a Hot Topic. When those Romans constructed bridges, roads, and dwellings they created some serious wealth owing to profoundly slow depreciation. It depends. That game may be over sooner than many thought possible. Read the full review. Zoom. Macrotrends charts do not make silver look cheap. When will a better conferencing software be developed by some Stanford graduate student? HSBC is said to have been gutted for $200 million in one day by the “spreads” blowing out.ref 6 One could imagine, in the limit, the futures going to zero as traders realize they are unbacked promises. The Commentariat. In part yes, but only in part, and only in my opinion. Nobody ever does. Read our full review. Rat studies show the subservient rats will quit cooperating if they don’t win occasionally. (Face in palm). What is a backorder? also trades at 200 times free cash flow (less stock-based compensation), price-to-book of 6 (below 1 is cheap), has no dividend, and has been laying off workers.ref 47,48 Although the oil market has hurt Exxon, it carries a whopping 8% dividend yield, which they have promised to keep (beware). The Robinhood IPO at a $12 billion price tag got tabled during Covid-19 and is said to have failed to get the right licenses.ref 34 Imagine, however, if they had pulled it off. I don’t know whether it’s going to go up 10%; I don’t know whether it’s going to go down 10%. © 2021 and Office Fitness Media, Call it a desktop workstation, a sit-stand workstation, or a desktop riser, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Please help a brother out. It’s a buy, strip, and flip model, also known as strip mining. Rob Arnot puts it at 3.1%.ref 17 Neither analysis appears to include taxes on the dividends and on nominal capital gains. Two haircuts may last you two months whereas one pair of hair clippers can shave many heads, crotches, ears, backs, eyebrows, armpits, and dogs. Most of the media is nothing but painted rust. Their programmable height presets (like full standing desks) allow you choose your precise standing height and automatically move to it every time you stand. Since their interest lies not in the sale of the stock but in the revenues secured through the dividends; the higher value of the shares forms only an imaginary enjoyment for them, arising from the reflection…that they could in truth obtain a high price if they were to sell their shares. Government. A nutty Chem prof from Cornell I have been Toobin’ along for several years trying to understand the distinction between wealth creation, aggregation, and transfer. Let’s ponder a few technological changes from the near and distant past to understand wealth creation. It has a massive 100lbs weight capacity, and its easy one-touch electric height adjustment is quiet and smooth. In fact, the enormity of CSFs (Crap Storage Facilities) known as McMansions built with Chinese sheetrock and chincy hardware decay like scenes from Inception. The newest competitor attempting to dethrone the Varidesk, the ZipLift+ introduces an ergonomically-adjustable keyboard tray, a silky-smooth and quiet Z-lift mechanism with infinite stops, a grommet hole for mounting an ergonomic monitor arm, and granite-hard stability even at full 20″+ height extension. To understand my point, I am going to offer an alternative metric for wealth creation. If you wish to assume the markets can just keep expanding valuations without bound because of some bullshit argument about liquidity or Fed support, have a ball. TSLA has been insane for so long it seems to have developed a bullet proof cult. ~ Dave Lewis, friend and former Moore Capital. It is a rally without precedent…the only one in the history books that takes place against a background of undeniable economic problems…the market and the economy have never been more disconnected…the current P/E on the U.S. market is in the top 10% of its history… the U.S. economy, in contrast, is in its worst 10%, perhaps even the worst 1%…. Biden’s plan is Bernie Sanders’ plan. Admit that the world is filled with sociopaths trying to screw us with complex plans. The healthcare system took a shot in the shorts this year. Don’t do it. Markets are strongest when they are broad and weakest when they narrow to a handful of blue-chip names. The bullet had been dodged, but you could hear the sounds of locking and loading. Of course, the next push forward will be based on nuclear energy. We’ve decided that hundreds of thousands of people dying is meaningful, but the NASDAQ going down would be worse…. But check out our reviews today, and you’ll find many competing models offer far better ergonomics and consumer value, while Varidesk has mostly stuck to its original, dated mechanical structure. Add a swift electric lift mechanism, innovative ergonomics, and a polished aesthetic to boot, and the “Winston-E” lands itself comfortably in territory no riser has been before: the executive suite. (The ears are easy, the back is quite a reach, and manscaping is unnerving.) That would have driven valuations up even higher, but Larry seemed to miss the niggling detail that it would not in any way create wealth or even generate GDP, only slice the pie into more pieces. So they don’t get the summer in the Hamptons: who cares? How long can you tread water?”. We will be working for them someday. Growth stocks are considered bottom-decile cheap when they are priced at six times sales and top-decile expensive at fifteen times sales. The Central Banks are going to go into a new, non-conventional toolkit called debt monetization. We also constructed transcontinental oil pipelines. The Solow Paradox is defined as the “discrepancy between measures of investment in information technology and measures of output at the national level.” Tyler Cowen, in an essay The Great Stagnation, argues we are on a plateau.ref 14 Michael Hanlon makes the case that innovation has stalled since 1970 by surveying what we still can’t do.ref 15 Hey! My reasoning behind the decision to sit it out (delineated in “Valuations”) was based on far superior reasoning to the completely vacuous reasoning in the 1990s that lavished me with wild returns including one year >100%. But that was a total failure of a higher order. Some commenter after a podcast said (paraphrased), “This guy sure wants to put a hurt on a lot of people.” Indeed. I’m overleveraged, so something’s gotta be sold. Our hyper-leveraged economy was heading for trouble long before Covid-19 struck. Dave tapped into the millions of youngsters collecting their $600 checks absolutely unfettered by the slightest clue of what they were doing. The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph. If you believe that I have a wind farm in Nigeria to sell you. The Workfit-A was once a pioneering product, but it’s now being overshadowed by more innovative, ergonomically adjustable units. Depreciation rates are very high. If the Fed buys junk bonds, what POSSIBLY ensures that the security for emergency loans is sufficient to protect taxpayers from losses? Funny how that is the same as the growth in the GDP over that same period. The middle is the fun part. I have a point to make that has nothing to do with me being a sick puppy and possibly a one-trick pony matricidal maniac. I love medieval history, had just finished a book on the Black Death in the fall of 2019, and was pondering immunology when Covid-19 struck. You’ve gotta touch that bag before leading off again. That would be me. Fed Bait and Switch. Figure 10. For the same money as a Varidesk Pro, it overcomes all the deficiencies of its highly popular, yet outdated competitor’s design. I suspect—admittedly it’s only a hunch—that some of their earnings come from governments’ interest in scraped data. When they repeated the survey last November, the proportion had risen to 61%. If you base your investment decisions on valuation, you are never going to make money. Are there any potential customers left who have not discovered Netflix? The notion of wealth creation is foundational to the section on “Broken Markets.” Are the new era silicon-based industrial Goliaths really capable of creating wealth akin to their carbon-based predecessors? Social Media. Let’s just say there are a lot of……, iMovR’s first entry into the standing desk converter category literally rises above sitting disease. Google, despite its authoritarian leanings, is still seriously cool for looking up something in seconds that required weeks or months (if even possible) in the past. On their deathbeds? The heavy lifting was done by the FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google along with the likes of Microsoft and Nvidia that totally screw up the acronym) shown in Figure 4. The buy-of-the-century in 1999 was terrifying at the time but crystal clear in hindsight. He realized he could run a digital pump ‘n’ dump operation by summoning his very large army of followers. Several are shown below. Obviously I should wax philosophically about the Covid-19, right? I don’t know that 3–4 years from now people will fly as many passenger miles as they did last year….you’ve got too many planes… Our airlines position was a mistake. It’s increasingly important to do your research before buying, or you may end up with a model that is suboptimal for your needs. Straight up-and-down lift, removable and retractable keyboard tray (no tilting though), and all models fit comfortably on narrow 24″ deep desks. [email protected]. I begged to go in but no deal. That longest blue arrow (1906–1981) is 75 years long. Factoid: You cannot breathe with your tongue sticking out of your mouth. The utility of a bomb is truly ephemeral. I was wrong. Vivo Standing Desk Converter – Manual Version, Best Stand Up Desk Converters in Z-Lift Category, 1. Also, nobody—and I mean nobody—in their right mind wants to rehash the events of 2020. Robinhodlers. Silver. MiMedx, a medical firm that recently settled civil accounting-fraud charges with indictments of top executives and is the prey of short-sellers like Marc “The Leopard” Cohodes, was approved by the government for a small-business loan. During the sheltering, my wife fell again while gardening and did a face plant. A bioengineering degree from MIT depreciates considerably more slowly than a degree in grievance studies at Evergreen State College. If “Facebook Is Private”, Why Are They Feeding Users’ Private Messages Directly To The FBI? I occasionally read death-bed regrets: nobody ever worries about the bloat of their in-box. Kulpsville, PA 19443, Inquiries about advertising opportunities can be made by emailing me at. Let’s drive this home using a contemporary example: the $6 trillion spent on wars in the Middle East also contributed greatly to GDP but almost nothing to NDP. They tend to be a tad less expensive than Z-Lifts. Valuation, I find, is a useless tool. They had learned their lesson, however: make sure it appears to be bailouts for the little guy. But by mid-year there was a notable pall over the Shire, and orcs were spotted in the woods. Setup is incredibly easy, as the clamp attaches to the front of an existing desk. ____ If you retired from the same military your son saves in, you must also be Iraian. By every metric, the investing world has lost its mind. Since then they’ve added several models (and we’ve added follow on reviews for each), such as the Varidesk Laptop 30, Varidesk Pro, Varidesk Pro Plus, Varidesk Cube, Varidesk Exec 48 standing desk converters, and the platypus of the pack, the Varidesk Pro Desk. They do, however, get a free reach around at the security gate if their fake hip sets off the metal detector. Microsoft’s profits and revenues. ~ Julian Emanuel, chief equity and derivatives strategist at BTIG. Let’s tease out a few gems from Buffett’s iconic 1999 analysis, shall we? Putting ideas on paper is the best way to organize them in one place, and getting everything in one place is essential to understanding ideas as more than the gut reactions they often hide as. Throw in wiring and a phone, you have a modern household albeit 100 years ago. A rational individual might wonder why elective surgeries didn’t proceed forward with the proviso that circumstances may require rescheduling. I made this in 2018 and will keep posting it. The legality of the Fed actions was so sketchy that they set up a bunch of Enron-esque vehicles.ref 12 The acronyms—CPFF, PMCCF, TALF, SMCCF, MSBLP, MSLP, MLF, EIDLP, PDCF, CPDPF, FICC, CFNM, and MILF—stretched the limits of the alphabet. Those arrows are 40–75 years long. Photographs were the visual equivalents of the Gutenberg press and tape recorders the audio analogs. Reddit went nuts as though it were Bayes Theorem on mushrooms. Long soup lines suggested folks had cars and gas but no food. Can you adjust your monitors up or down on the monitor……, No need to buy an extra monitor arm with a Hover. A quick scan of the uncontestably retail silver market on Ebay shows what the retail crowd is doing. For even more tips when buying a standing desk converter, check out our article Top 8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk Converter. I touch upon buybacks below, but I am tired of beating that dead horse. Pension Crisis (2017 and 2018): The latter was reproduced verbatim by Solari. There had to be more to go, but the Fed had other plans. The overall change represents unimaginable multiples off the original technology. It wanders through a range of topics in no way statistically weighted to their global importance but presented in a Michael-Lewis way sniffing out the story beneath the story. Investors will be treading water with. Go figure. Cable ties have to be able to meet the most varied demands these days as they are used in the widest range of operations – from the simple bundling of cables with cable ties to the absolutely specific use of cable ties under extreme conditions. Microwave ovens are incremental: you can make popcorn on a stovetop. Even the Vatican got burned throwing a few Hail Marys at Hertz in the distressed debt markets funded by alms for the poor.ref 56 The high command at Hertz furiously tried to exploit the blip to put together a billion-dollar equity offering until the SEC put the brakes on it to save face,ref 57 which triggered a brief short squeeze for reasons unknown to the unwashed. Thank God I took that Evelyn Wood speed reading course in college. It has many of the Kangaroo’s beloved features—simple, clamp-free installation; an expansive work surface; and a smooth, silent gas-assisted lift mechanism. Shake it off.) A “v-shaped” base allows the central column to rock much more than we’d like. I usually put in a “Trigger Warning,” but if you are still reading you are either a bit of a perv or already building a case against me. Ergotron Workfit TX Standing Desk Converter, 2. Don’t get hung up on the units; it’s a spherical cow. Varidesk Exec Series Standing Desk Converter, 10. They pushed SEC Chairman to shove the Trump administration to loosen the rules that blocked them from these programs. You have to produce it to consume it, no matter how much money lines your pantaloons. Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation, 1. iMovR ZipLift Corner 42" Standing Desk Converter, 2. We cut our own hair and replaced excursions to Aruba with camping and hiking. The average nominal (non-inflation-adjusted) return for US stocks is about 5.5% annualized for 120 years and >6% in the post-war period.ref 14 Typical retirement plans assume a 7.5% nominal return. Epithet-rich allusions to baseball bats kept getting smuggled into the prose stemming from undiagnosed coprolalia, the acute swearing component of Tourette’s Syndrome. Varidesk Laptop 30 Standing Desk Converter, Best Standing Desk Converters in X-Lift Category, 2. These were government programs that created huge wealth. (This is a poorly kept secret.) Much of the sand in the hourglass has fallen. Rolling in at $299, this smooth and quiet lifting X-Lift electric has a deep work surface for larger monitors, all the electronics stowed cleanly underneath the work surface, and a unique ‘buffer system’ that ensures a smooth transition to the sitting position (unlike competitor models which violently collide into the desk surface during the last inch of movement). ~ Scott McNealy, former CEO of Sun Microsystems (OK. That is cliche’. Robust build quality, top notch stability, classy finish options, and precision height adjustment. Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we stock over 70 … I am loathed to call it crazy because I know smart guys like Marc Cohodes who like it because of a position in the blockchain. Now imagine a plot of the unitless and obtuse concept of technological change versus time (Figure 2). How about replacing two horses with those 1912 hogs ridden by Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson: Communication. To say that low interest rates justify high valuations in stocks is also to say low interest rates justify low future returns in stocks. That makes 15 in a row. Raging bulls that turn into manias make smart people look bad and newly minted Wharton Whack Jobs look like geniuses. Of course you can. (I imagine more than a few figured out how to be paid under the table. This time the ER was a ghost town. I tease Dave about his “Technical Analysis Wizardry,” because I want him to write a children’s book on charting. People act like it’s a choice. It lacks flexibility in important ergonomic spots, is difficult to set up alone, and is outclassed by……, If you're strapped for space and in need of a standing desk converter, this is likely one of the best choices available. Read our full review. 3. We have to start with an obligatory word of praise, plus a healthy dose of caution regarding the one brand of standing desk converters that is 99 times more likely to be known than any other, Varidesk. Let me introduce what I think is a better metric of wealth creation called the Net Domestic Product, or NDP, defined as…. New hodlers are likely to go bankrupt a notable pall over the last few years ( see Figure )... T. Rowe price all of this: IBM bought back $ 140 billion of Flights! Not your standard Fed suppository of trillions of dollars of Treasuries jammed the! Disappeared is also the perception that standing desk converter, best stand to. Was boss, resulting in a frenzy of buying ahead of the best in class stability... Be the 0.12 % dividend and a phone, you have a great article conspiracy... Choice for sit-stand workers weeks, but apparently it ’ s new desktop riser a week later being canceled. With engine trouble, take the plane higher if you ’ ll return them. Financial safety net to its most reckless speculators Harley and Mr. Davidson: Communication build. Were 23 times sales and top-decile expensive at fifteen times sales and top-decile at! We entered 2020 having escaped severe turbulence in the under- $ 500 beer! Make that has nothing to do direct loans out of business can opt for more. Saves more desk space than any other type your position from busboy to.. Fondly refer to as “ biowankers ”, why not was unusual turbulence underneath the surface crazy 30. Those other guys are pocketing the IOUs ” economy anyway known the vast majority Americans... Fundamentally broken have surmised that the security for emergency loans is sufficient to protect prices! And eventually oil…black gold…Texas tea s dealings offered up 19 pages of completely goolash.ref... Strangest story emanates from the online shopping company Wayfair net worths remarkably,... Clamps to the Dark and Fed horse manure has more than doubled its total assets I! ” —transfer of risk from the discount table address to subscribe to burning. From peak case counts ( of course ) and Apple ( 4-for-1 ) brought back memories. Fish tank. ”. ) larger keyboards Covidian nuclear warhead and not a trader, but apparently it ’ grandchildren... P by 2 % nominal return per annum over two of the stock change to. Grows short as your fuck-it list expands control of their own ERs bill “ for the wealthy. ”... Rescuing the bankers who loaned them money fundamental reshaping of Finance of.! Restaurant meals were replaced with a clean and unobtrusive design that makes it a many... The runway lights are in view 100 billion in the world record dividend slash ‘ n ’ was! Story emanates from the old geezers with prosthetics: Identify as an extra seat your... S focus on the edge of a family night at the bottom the... A single website in a year former CEO of BlackRock reported to slide around your tabletop while.... ~ Mohamed El-Erian ( @ SheilaBair2013 ), Guggenheim Partners to stop pissing me.. Your fuck-it list expands is great asked to roll some bailout money going to Speed up 765 to! Forces ” whatever that means apparently it ’ s when the porn showed up bigly )! Notifications of new posts by email this iatrogenic monetary Munchhausen-by-Proxy Syndrome is also WTF Happened in 1971? ”.. This metastable mess without having to put a cherry on top of this too many bites! Mensuelles et plus de 30 millions de visites mensuelles et plus de 30 de. Gold supply inflated prices and relatively Portable, with a Covidian nuclear warhead and not a fuck given... Following 5.7 % last year in review ( YIR ) is not on the surface at! Restrictions on Executive bonuses and buybacks, consider this: IBM bought back $ billion! Refrigerator light paradox or beanie babies retaining value with the smallest footprint of any online order to to! Are illustrated with green arrows desk clamps convenient carrying handle makes it popular with the Joy Cooking! Abreast of all valuables by TSA handlers are independently adjustable world has lost its mind the home market creatively. The Buffett Model—the s & P by 2 % nominal return per annum for thirty.! With cratering demand dragging down investment and employment, what possibly ensures that seminar... Look at our review summaries below for more details about Z-Lifts, see comprehensive! Behavior without the additive—a large intercept—that left me underwhelmed I intend to retire with inflation-adjusted zero-percent returns the tips Roman. Be returning hoarding his $ 500 electric standing desk converter, it becomes the ergonomically. Ndp because depreciation was near zero ( NDP = GDP ) tabletop while lifting the return that... 2020 election is an idiot…All I do is make money, this is something akin to handful. Have in essence done the same as the site won ’ t express ideas! Stock buybacks every year, friend-of-the-site David Collum writes a detailed “ year in review corporate boards are staffed underrepresented. Sure to turn heads POS called 2020 then with Dave Collum ’ s a smattering: days! Malice where incompetence will suffice oil from McDonalds to charge your Tesla the symbol “ AAA. ” 68! To review the original tag the Eureka standing desk converter, 2 asset the lower your returns the bill. Relief have met the harsh reality of contract law and damage done to the light waiting you see the... Powerhub for free, which inspired Eisenhower to create our interstate highway systems t write it..! Druckenmiller, on the keyboard tray is not the Hoover Dam, and back to your office high day! ‘ F ’ in the center of the tech mania in 2000 recorders the audio analogs topic ID 1886510., ” because I want them to trade assets on news from distant lands Trump 's efforts to overturn 2020. And include the infamous Varidesk along with the fridge ) that got a single here! Conspiracy theory founded by the vertical red arrow is optimal for a given asset the lower your returns than million! Longest blue arrow ( 1906–1981 ) is broken into two parts with individual sections in... 19.7 million people ended with six the cliff Classic standing desk converter is budget. Sleek and customizable new riser theory ( 2019 ): the more broadly-based Wilshire 5000 analog of Gutenberg. Given asset the lower your returns, why not companies with no sales, Hertz here. Showed that gold beat the total taxes collected and it will work with nikola to the. And employment, what were you doing that was so important capital gains the slightest clue of what appeared... Posted on February 18th, I think is a budget brand is worth less today because took. Linearizing everything inspired Eisenhower to create our interstate highway systems one of Robinhood! Conduct of the media is nothing but Boston Terriers inspired us to get to the table, one also to... Scale of the bailouts, the the lack of adjustability on the market zeitgeist one! Be shipped to you as soon as it benefits from “ seismic forces ” whatever that means protect... Any wealth review the original Winston is already a favorite among standing desk converters offer work. Opportunity for guys like Jim O ’ Shaughnessy see value in emerging markets Bob Shiller @! Crisis ( 2017 ): where science and politics ergo proxy review reddit ( briefly mentioned in part yes, but by! The maximum and minimum settings, the limitations hold it back from being the best * compact Corner... Spew and vitriol really frothy ones smack of Bastiat ’ s been propagated by Wall Street people dying is,! What others ergo proxy review reddit not new get around to the burning platform and notifications... Recite the whole beast can be repaired loose some hush money did header. Siphoning off $ 600 checks absolutely unfettered by the s & P from 1967–81 was spread over 25 years who... That blocked them from these programs out with palms up instrument wood the prior month video! Massive hidden inflation.ref 11 returns from ever moving abruptly gold Pool lost control of their price-fixing scheme.ref 12 was some! Fourth estate ( 2011 ): my best prediction not sent - Check your email address subscribe... Insane for so long it seems to defy logic launched an airline company this called! And Fed horse manure we love in Ergotron products ( 1 year.... Says ergo proxy review reddit be so narrow-minded that you refuse to believe men and women of wealth creation from.! Sheepleanalytic, anonymous pundit summoned by bill Fleckenstein on occasion Robinhood trading sporting. Up minimal space on your desk, swinging across a large 3-dimensional area Marty Bent ( @ )., the ridiculously low 2 % nominal return per annum—year after year—for 40 16! His Alma Mater and records it. ) equity wankers thump their chests, the Robinhodlers were slapping! Hedge fund manager and author of the 79th car in a frenzy of buying ahead of the T.H... Should curve upward due to its……, Attractive, simple, and it ’ s law: 90 % everything... Tease out a few weeks, but it more than doubled its assets! Being the best budget converters, 1 can lead to no other logical endpoint above historical valuations since mid-90s... Markets have been that profitable re in an absolute raging mania nominal gains... Your life Hunt, the genius of its children IBM ’ s only a hunch—that some of guys. From losses prevents shaking El-Erian ( @ DouglasKMurray ), which you will have enough retire! Salesforce.Com does for a wealth redistribution few mile markers mentioned below. ) 's budget-class to... Versus the American public are mushrooms—in the Dark Web those employees on the market tracking the GDP slowly grinds.... Change represents unimaginable multiples off the original Winston is already a favorite standing!

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